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Find The Cheapest Price For Cairo Luxor flights With Travco Holidays! Located in the Nile River about 312 miles (500 kilometers) south of Cairo, Luxor and its environs had a population of more than 450,000 people. The name Luxor “derives from the Arabic al-uksur, ‘the fortifications,’ which in turn was adapted from the Latin castrum,” which refers to a Roman fort built in the area. Luxor International Airport is Situated 6 km / 4 miles east of Luxor city itself (Al Uqsur) and close to both Al Bayadiyah and El-dabiya, Luxor International Airport (LXR) is an entry point for the popular tourist destination of the Nile Valley. is currently Egypt's fourth-biggest airport. The airport has recently been upgraded to meet the needs of the growing air traffic and has been designed to handle some seven million passengers annually, is currently used by around one million.

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